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The tooth Tatar

It is known that it is more than 60 percent of adults have asked opinion, almost knew nothing about razdutoy rubber and an inflammation of gums, the signs, accessible processings, and consequences.
Tooth and rubber problems - the reasons for fetid breath with a memorial board, grow.
The Tatar is easy enough to prevent, but once damage starts, it is difficult to get rid of it. The Tatar and a memorial board can be generated above, and below rubber you can see, here a yellowish stone of a memorial board and gingivitis. Formation of the Tatar begins with displacement of various phosphates of calcium which are exposed to possible transformation and become stronger in a stone on a tooth surface.
The most general sign of a stone - yellow or brown colour to a teeth or rubber. Calculation - one such procedure which holds your rubber healthy and steady. Clearing can be made by the tooth professional in a stomatologic office.
Destruction of a tooth and periodontal'naya illness often begin in these areas which is why it is important to be cleaned and vyshival'nyy their silk completely at least twice daily. Tooth-paste use can advance good oral hygiene: it can help at a distance a tooth memorial board and food from a teeth, it can help with elimination and masking halitosis, and it can put active components, such as fluoride to hold a tooth and rubber from illness.
Tumour of rubber and inflammation of gums - the main reason of adult tooth loss. Even the tiniest quantities are harmful to rubber. Escalating of the Tatar - the main reason, you should visit the dentist each 6 months.


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